Achieve High-Performance Device Solutions with 802.3bt

Antaira bt PoE Switches & Media Converters

Today, with continuing demands for additional connections to devices such as PTZ security cameras, Smart LED Lighting, POS Systems, just to name a few, supporting a reliable and secure 90W power output becomes relatively important. In addition, high power PoE provides the future with unlimited opportunities. It not only widens the existing PoE markets, but also expands possibilities for new applications.

As IoT device applications grow, so does the demand for high power supply. Antaira's bt PoE Ethernet switches and media converters provide reliable high-power solutions for modern smart devices. Designed for harsh environments, ensuring continuous connectivity and optimal performance. Supporting the 802.3bt standard with up to 90 watts of power, our products offer advanced management capabilities. Ideal for enhancing IoT deployment efficiency and reliability.